Details and Dates of Annual Meetings

Meeting                                                                        Date                                               Venue                                                 Chaired by

Alet les Bains District AGM                      Mon 19 October @ 10h30               via  ZOOM                                    Rev Tony Lomas, Area Dean

Toulouse District AGM                               Mon  19 October @ 19h30              via  ZOOM                                    Rev Tony Lomas, Area Dean

Brens District AGM                                     Tues  20 October @ 14h00              via ZOOM                                     Rev Tony Lomas, Area Dean

Annual General Meeting  of                    Fri 23 October @ 14h00                   via ZOOM                                     Ven Meurig Williams

Association Cultuelle                                                                                                                                                               Archdeacon of France

immediately followed by

Annual Chaplaincy Meeting             

You can view a video of the Treasurer's Presentation

to the AGM here

You can download a printable copy of the certified accounts by clicking here

You can download a printable copy of the Treasurer's detailed report by clicking here


In accordance with the Parish Scheme currently in force for the Chaplaincy and the decision of the Chaplaincy Council / Conseil d'Administration, owing to the exceptional manner in which were obliged to conduct our Annual Meetings, every member of the Chaplaincy Electoral Roll will be given a postal ballot to vote on 3 matters:

1) To formally accept the Independently Examined and Certified Annual Accounts of the Association Cultuelle for 2019.

2) To formally appoint Martignole Huze, Societe d'Expertise Comptable (French Accountants) of Carcassonne as the Independent Financial Examiners for the Chaplaincy Accounts for the 2020 Year (Accounts which will be approved in 2021)

3) To approve a proposal that in accordance with Section B.M15(1)(h) of the Church Representation Rules 2020 that: “All Readers licensed to the parish whose names are on the roll of the parish shall be members of the Chaplaincy Council should they express a wish to be so”.

You can download the Postal Voting Ballot Papers here. These must be received by Rev Tony Lomas by Thursday 12th November 2020 at the latest. Please make sure that BOTH ballot papers are signed as indicated.

Please take a few minutes to read this introductory explanation of how our Annual Meetings have been conducted this year as a result of the restrictions imposed owing to the Covid-19 emergency.

Click here to download and read.

The papers for each meeting are stored in individual web pages

CLICK HERE for papers relating to the Alet les Bains AGM

CLICK HERE for papers relating ti the Toulouse AGM

CLICK HERE for papers relating to the Brens AGM (including nomination forms for DCC posts)

CLICK HERE for papers relating to the Association Cultuelle General Meeting

(including  Copy of Annual Accounts)

CLICK HERE for papers relating to the Annual Chaplaincy Meeting

Documents for


Annual Meetings

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