[Matthew 18:20]





“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”

What kind of church are we?

Our chaplaincy is a community of six churches, each with its own distinct character, style and pattern of meetings. We are part of the Church of England Diocese in Europe, though as an English-speaking community in France we are pleased to welcome Christians from a variety of different denominations.  The chaplaincy is geographically very large, so each church is shaped and formed within the community where it meets. However, we are all members of the same family and we work together to live hopeful, meaningful lives and to share the love of God with those who we meet.

Speaking and listening to God -

Prayer is the starting point for every element of the Christian life - God loves it when we talk to him! We take seriously the need to apply God’s Word to our lives, and to consider carefully what it means for us. Each of our church congregations is supported by home groups, bible study groups and prayer groups. If you visit us in any of our churches, you will find a family rooted in prayer and  eager to support you as you grow in your own faith.


We are an active church –

As members of the Church of England, we understand that our salvation - the promise of a place in Heaven, is given to us freely because of Jesus’ victory over sin and death. There is nothing we can do to earn or add to that.


We believe also, that by loving and serving others, we can show the light of Jesus Christ in a dark and damaged world. Our loving and serving points others to God.


As our faith shapes our lives and decisions, we share a strong commitment to being a community where each member is involved in the life of the church as a family and we support and encourage one another in this. 

Christians are encouraged in generosity of time, money and talents. People from our chaplaincy are ‘hands on’ and willing to try new things; members of our churches are engaged in many ways in their local communities, working in Jesus’ name to bring hope and transformation.

We enjoy strong partnerships with other French-speaking and English-speaking churches in our region, and work with local groups to build up the common lives of the towns and communities we serve. As a chaplaincy, as congregations, and as individuals we also undertake to give financially in support of local and international organisations bringing relief to the poor and those in need.

As our church family grows, we seek to be engaged more fully as a church in bringing loving transformation to Midi-Pyrénées & l'Aude.

Because we are based in France, we are also a registered religious organisation under French law. In addition to our responsibilities under Church of England Canon Law, we also operate under a Constitution - "Statuts" which enable us to manage our finances in compliance with French laws separating Church and State which were originally created in 1901. You can read a copy of our Statuts (this version was adopted in 2018) here. The only valid version is French, but we have provided an indicative translation into English as well. This version is not, however, legally binding.


Our People

“Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”





[Matthew 5:17]

The Ministry Team
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The Post of Chaplain is currently vacant

You can still send church correspondence to:


Rev Canon Tony Jewiss

Assistant Chaplain


Chaplaincy Lay Readers






Chaplaincy Governance

With effect from 1 June 2021, the Bishop of Europe, at the request of the Chaplaincy Wardens, has agreed to suspend the office of Chaplaincy Warden pending the outcome of the review of governance arrangements in the Chaplaincy.

Deputy Churchwardens will continue to serve in each Church where one is in office.

Deputy Churchwardens
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Clive Billenness

Deputy Churchwarden - Alet les Bains

This post is currently vacant
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This post is currently vacant
Samantha Silverthorn

Deputy Churchwarden - Toulouse



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This post is currently vacant

Chaplaincy Treasurer

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This post is currently vacant

Chaplaincy Council Secretary

Celia Scott

Chaplaincy Safeguarding Officer

Chaplaincy Council

Ex Officio


Chaplain - Post Vacant

Assistant Chaplain - Rev Canon Tony Jewiss

Clergy with Permission to Officiate

Rev Mary Barnes

Rev Neil Batcock

Deputy Churchwardens 

Alet les Bains - Clive Billenness

Toulouse - Samantha Silverthorn

Licensed Lay Readers


Peter Gibbs

Malcolm Rigley


Elected Members​

Alet-les-Bains - Linda Billenness

Brens - Ginny Jenkins

Cahors - John Baylis/Kevin Megarry

Caylus - Celia Scott

Toulouse - Post vacant

Archdeaconry Synod Representatives

Clive Billenness

Linda Billenness

Malcolm Rigley

Heidi Worswick

Council Officers

Council Secretary - Post Vacant

Treasurer -  Post Vacant

Eco Church Officer - David Gaunt

Safeguarding Officer

Celia Scott