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Loving God and loving neighbour belong together, and the best, most fruitful life is lived in loving communion with God our Creator, as well as with our fellow human beings. For this reason, the church is committed to accompanying God's people through the significant moments in their lives, both in grief and in joy.

On this page you will find details of how to arrange Christenings, funerals and wedding celebrations within our chaplaincy.


Baptism, also known as Christening, is the first step on the road of the Christian life. By bringing your child to be baptized you are helping them begin their journey. Just as you wouldn't send an infant on a long and unknown journey in any other part of life, it's important that you are committed to guiding and supporting them on their journey.

If you're not already a Christian yourself, don't worry - you don't have to be a long way down the road yourself, but what is important is that you are willing to begin the journey with your child and to encourage and support them.

Baptism is normally part of the Sunday church service where your child will be welcomed into the Christian family. It is possible to use other churches but we will need the permission of the local Catholic priest or Reformed Church pastor.

Godparents and parents make promises for the child, and for themselves, to help the children grow in the Christian faith. They should all have been baptised, and the minimum age is 16. Godparents should be chosen because they will be there to help and support you child's development as a Christian.

Because of Covid-19, our churches are not currently meeting, but hope to again very soon. We hope that you will appreciate that this makes planning baptisms significantly more complicated.

Please send an e-mail to and someone will contact you to discuss arrangements.


If you're engaged and planning your forthcoming wedding, congratulations! We are delighted that you are considering celebrating your marriage with us here in the chaplaincy.

In France, unlike England, church ceremonies relating to the blessing of a marriage may only take place following civil marriage either in France or in a country recognised under French Civil Law. Therefore, to celebrate your wedding in a church service with us, you will first need to undertake the legal necessities of a civil ceremony, and your priest will need to see documentation of this before we can officiate at your service

What if one of us is divorced?
If one or both of you has been married before please do not hesitate to contact us. We know that, sadly, marriages can break down for many reasons, and we do not prejudge. Once we hear from you, the Chaplain will be pleased to meet you both to discuss your individual circumstances.

You can find more information and ideas for your wedding service in church from the Church of England's website:-


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For an informal discussion about the options available to you, you are welcome to contact the Area Dean, Rev'd Tony Lomas on +33-(0)6 72 31 72 87

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As well as being emotionally painful, the many practical things that need to be done after someone has died can be confusing and exhausting. Going with this difficult time in your native country can be hard enough. However, in another country we may be faced with a minefield of additional concerns, amongst which are the language barrier, understanding a different system from the United Kingdom, or, if you wish your loved one to be returned to the United Kingdom for burial, issues associated with repatriation. Timescales for arranging and conducting funerals are considerably shorter than we are used to in the UK, and this can place an extra pressure who may feel that they are being rushed.

Our chaplaincy is here as a source of support and practical assistance should you suffer a bereavement in France. If you wish to arrange a Church of England funeral service for a loved one, our ministers are available to guide and support you through this process as well.

If you would like to talk to a minister following a bereavement , please feel free to contact us 

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For general support, to arrange a funeral or if you have been bereaved recently and would like to talk to someone, you are welcome to contact the Ministry Team by email at or by telephoning  +33 (0)6 02 60 73 17