A Retreat and Celtic Chapel

The members of the Cahors congregation come from many different Christian traditions. Joanne Evans-Boiten having been brought up in Holland and later becoming a minister in the Church of Scotland' has had several influences, but has been inspired by the Celtic tradition. She and her husband have been members of the congregation for six years, first as vistors to France, but then after moving here' on a regular basis. Together they have fulfilled a long standing ambition to make their home a place for retreat and built a chapel based on the Celtic Tradition. On Sunday 9th June they had a blessing of their retreat 'Colomba le Roc' and the chapel of St Hild. It was an ecumenical affair. First the bell was blessed by Frere Rolf from the community Spe Gaudentes, Amsterdam, Joanne's father. We then processed round the Chapel. The icon of St Hild was blessed by Archimandrite Jean Higoumene of the Russian Orthodox Church. Pere Florent, Vicar General, Dioceses of Cahors, dedicated the chapel. The OT reading was read by Pasteur Frederic Nicholas, Eglise Evangelique and Pasteur Herizo Ratovomanana, Eglise Protestante Uni de France, gave the reflection. June dedicated the font and the blessing of Colomba le Roc was made by Rev. Irene Bon, Moderator of the International Presbytery of the Church of Scotland. Most of the service was in French, but those who were not fluent were able to read it in English. The Ecumenical Choir, lead by Ray Boyd, provided the music. The service was followed by vin de l’amitié and a Scottish High Tea. Fortunately the rain was confined to a couple of showers. When too many are ready to divide, it was good to see that priests from a wide spectrum of Christian faith came willingly to join in this service. A fitting tribute to St Hild, who put aside her own preference in order to preserve the unity of the Church. So may God bless this endeavour of Joanne and Ian and may Colomba le Roc be a place that revives spirits and is a light in a world of dark divides.

More Photos and Joanne's Introduction : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yw3geqe7odhs4yq/AACRqBtrqh92i7La0uK3rTKIa?dl=0

Colomba le Roc web site : http://www.colomba-le-roc.org/

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