Auction of Cookbook Artwork

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Your opportunity to own an original painting from the new chaplaincy cookbook!

These framed illustrations designed and painted by Moira Graham are available to buy through a sealed bid auction.

The reserve price for each is €25 and you can bid for as many as you like.

Send a sealed envelope to me with a slip for each picture giving the picture number and title with your bid in euros and your name and contact phone or email address.

Write “picture auction” and your name on the back of the envelope.

Address is : 5 Parrou, 82150 St Amans du Pech.

Bids should be posted to arrive by November 30th, after which all the sealed bids will be opened and the successful bidders notified.

Please email me on when a bid has been posted.

All monies received go to Chaplaincy funds.

Thank you for your support.

Nick Rigby-Jones

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