Bishop Robert: Brexit Latest

A Church Times article this week reported that a number of bishops had defended the College of Bishops' statement 'in which they endorse Brexit'. Such an article will naturally give rise to some distress amongst British citizens within our chaplaincy who, living in France, will be particularly subject to the negative impacts of Brexit, with or without a deal.

Perhaps more distressing still is the article's description of Bishop Robert as a 'former critic of Brexit'. As Anglicans, we look to our bishops to offer moral and spiritual leadership, especially on matters of profound importance. Bishop Robert, as the Bishop in Europe is uniquely placed to speak on the impact of Brexit, to communicate to HM government and to advocate on behalf of his diocese.

I am therefore greatly reassured this morning to read Bishop Robert's own statement in response to the Church Times article. In it, Bishop Robert affirms that his 'deep concerns about Brexit have not changed'.

Bishop Robert's full statement can be found here on the Diocese in Europe website.

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