Brens Women and Mens Institute meetings

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Tuesday 12th November 10.30am : Meet chez Launders no later than 10h30 to leave for a tour of a nearby wine museum. On returning to the Launders Richard Crowle, who was a wine merchant, will give us a talk on different wines. Already nearly 20 have signed up but Robin Launders has contacted the Museum to see if more can be fitted in so watch this space!

Tuesday 19th November 10.00am Meet near Rabastens church for a tour with Elyse (our favorite guide). This will be followed by lunch at Le Romauld restaurant in L'Isle sur Tarn at noon followed by a short tour around L'Isle sur Tarn. Limit: 20 people.

Thursday 5th December 10.00am : Christmas decorations: either/and or both a tree centerpiece and advent wreath (even if advent has already started) that Valerie Kenny will help us with. This will take place chez the Howes. Lunch will included and our decorations will be finished off as necessary in the early afternoon.

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