Calling All Cooks

Ten years ago a cookbook was produced for sale among the Cahors congregation as a fund raiser. It is time for it to be re-issued, but this time to extend it to include the whole Chaplaincy. Many of the old recipes from the Cahors congregation will be included, but to make it a truly Chaplaincy cookbook, I need recipices from members of all the congregations. The name of the person supplying the recipes will be under each recipe.

We are not looking for haute cuisine, but in the spirit of the original, everyday ones that you share with family and friends. So they should be simple, with instructions that the average cook can follow easily and ingredients that can be found readily. As a guide, many of the recipes in the original book fitted into half an A5 page. If there is a story behind the recipe, you can add a few words about this.

Please send your recipes to me, Nick Rigby-Jones, at

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