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You will note that this is volume one. As I have received a good crop of pictures already I decided to use them. But I would like more for another volume. The first photo I received was from Cardiff, so if you are not able to be in France, don't feel inhibited about sending photos in. Please send your contributions Nick Rigby-Jones

An explanation of some of the photos for those who might not know. Rev Joanne Evans-Boiten and her husband are members of the Cahors congregation. They have set up a place for retreats at their home, 'Columba le Roc', which includes a small chapel that was dedicated to Saint Hilda at an ecumenical service last summer. The first 4 photographs are of some of their stations of the cross which they walked on Good Friday.

Last year I was seranaded by the beautiful song of a bird, but was unable to see it. June Hutchinson's husband, Peter, is a keen ornitholigist, so I sent him a recording. Despite his best efforts he couldn't identify it. This spring the bird returned and I sent Peter another recording. This time he identified it, as he had heard the song in his own garden. It is a 'Blackcap'. After breakfast, soon after, I managed to get the video below of it singing.

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