Christel to Climb Kilimanjaro!

Life in a pandemic can be difficult. Isolation, financial worries, illness and grief are just some of the battles facing people right across the world. Yet for those living in poorer countries each of these battles are amplified to levels that we may find difficult to comprehend. The quote below gives us some indication of the scale of the problem.

Ten African Countries have no ventilators at all. In Uganda, there are only 55 intensive care beds for 43 million citizens. And no poor country can afford the economic safety net that is currently sustaining citizens and companies here in the UK. In fact, Covid-19 is the biggest disaster for developing nations in our lifetime. If ever there was a time for concerned citizens and political leaders in both developing and richer countries to come together, it’s now. Ian Goldin, The Guardian 21st April 2020

Whilst we are all isolated it can be difficult to know exactly how or what we can do to help such overwhelmingly tragic situations. Yet, I believe we can all do our part, whether that is making face masks (as I know some of you have been), encouraging one another or donating goods or money.

For my part, I was inspired by Tearfund’s ‘The Climb’ campaign. Tearfund are a christian development agency working in many of the world’s poorest countries and on the frontline of the fight against Covid 19.

Many people are choosing to climb the equivalent height of many of the world’s most famous peaks to raise both awareness and funds for this fabulous charity. My goal, starting on Sunday 26th April) is to climb Kilimanjaro - Africa’s highest peak. At a height of 19,230ft it equates approximately 2000 ‘floors’ or typical flights of household stairs. I hope to complete the challenge in a week at a rate of 3000 ft per day. Our stairs our quite dodgy so I’ll be ‘climbing’ in our garden.

If you’d like to follow my progress I’ll be posting a daily video on Facebook and on the website. If you’d like to make a donation to Tearfund that would make me extremely happy, and would mitigate the pain my knees are bound to suffer!

To make a donation please visit my JustGiving page belo.

Thank you!


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