Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

The morning we have looked towards throughout Lent has finally arrived. Alleluia!

As we mark Christ's rising from the grave on that first Easter morning, nearly 2000 years ago, we celebrate that there and then God defeated sin and death for all time. Today, special Easter services will be held around the world as we rejoice in knowing that in this victory He makes it possible for us, too, to receive the gift of life unblemished by sin, and the promise of everlasting life in paradise with the the one who truly knows us, and by whom we are immeasurably adored. Faith in Christ, means life and freedom. Alleluia!

Join us today in the Church of England chaplaincy of Midi-Pyrénées & Aude as we join our prayers of thanks and praise with those of Christians throughout history and around the world.

As Chaplain, I pray for the blessings and gifts of faith for each one of you reading this.

Bless you,


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