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As the summer sun finally scorched down on Alet-Les-Bains, a group of the congregation gathered in the Salle Des Fete to enjoy a professionally prepared lunch together, after which in the company of English and French villagers, we sat and enjoyed a screening of the wonderful, and very spiritual, film "The Way", starring Martin Sheen, which we showed with an English soundtrack and French sub-titles, so that our French guests could also enjoy this wonderful story of one man's journey of self discovery as he walks the Camino to Compostela in memory of his recently deceased son.

The meal, which was accompanied by chilled Blanquette de Limoux (Cassis optional if you preferred a Kir Royal) as well as Canon Tony Jewiss' delicious home-made All-Red Salad (see completely empty bowl on the right) was excellent and probably set our diets back about 3 weeks ! The day was a great success and also helped raise some funds for the ongoing Mission and work of our Chaplaincy.

We will consider repeating this event in the future - suggestions for our film next time welcome.

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