Greeting from Msgr LaGalle, Archbishop of Toulouse

As has been the custom over many years, our Toulouse congregation were invited to join with our Catholic brothers and sisters for an hour at the cross on Good Friday. As this is now no longer possible Msgr LaGalle has sent this message to us all. A message that is pertinent for each one of us, in Toulouse and beyond.


Brothers and sisters, disciples of Jesus,

We will not be able to meet again this year, to hear together the Passion of the Lord on Good Friday at the end Protomartyr Cathedral in Toulouse. We will miss this meeting in front of the Cross. We have to show an example of containment in the face of the terrible epidemic that is halting the world.

It is significant that its development and peak coincide with Lent and the Passover. Pray that this Paschal Time will see the recession of the plague.

We will each have lessons to learn of the incredible fragility of our world, and how we must better respect others, the earth and the Creator.

With all my heart with you in the celebration of this Paschal Mystery: it opens us, at the very heart of anguish, from where the shadow of death plunges us, to the hope that the victory of the Risen One gives us.

Very fraternally to you.

Hosanna! awaiting Alleluia.

+Fr. Robert LaGalle

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