Michaelmas in Alet

Michaelmas, or the Feast Day of St Michael and All Angels, falls on 29 September, which this year was the 5th Sunday of the month.

Our Church in Alet-Les-Bains always arranges a special service on 5th Sundays, and Michaelmas was no exception.

The theme of our service was, unsurprisingly, Angels. We chose hymns about St Michael and angels in general, and the sermon considered the role of angels in our lives, and how we might be angels to others.

Instead of our normal prayers of intercession, we installed 'prayer stations' around the Church considering aspects of the role of St Michael, of angels in our lives as well as our opportunities to act as angels to others.

We also considered the phenomenon of "St Michael's Sword" - a straight line across Europe along which lie 7 holy sites dedicated to St Michael from an island off the West Coast of Ireland extending to a monastery on Mount Carmel in Israel.

Members of the congregation lit candles to recognise the work of angels in their lives, and on a slightly more modern replica of Jacob's ladder, tied ribbons to the rungs to mark God's work through His angels.

We also displayed a photograph of the famous Jacobs Ladder engraved window in Leeds Minster - the largest work commissioned since the glass in Coventry Cathedral.

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