Montaigu Home Group at Columba le Roc

The Montaigu home group had their first meeting after the summer break at the home of Joanne Evans-Boiten, Columba le Roc. We were joined by June. We were blessed with a warm sunny day. After refreshments we adjourned to the chapel of St. Hild. Joanne led us in a meditative session based around names, starting with God telling Abraham 'I am who I am'. We had half an our for reflection in the grounds before being summoned back to the chapel by the bell. June then lead us in a celebration of Holy Communion that included a renewal of baptismal vows, with us being sprinkled with water from the font that June blessed at the dedication of the chapel. We then had a bring and share lunch. As our own way of marking June's retirement and to say thank you for her support of the home group over the years, we had a cheesecake prepared by Adriana Waterman for dessert. We made a toast in Champagne to a happy retirement for June and Peter.

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