Old Friends and the Salvation Army

Two old friends, Mike and Anne Pennington, have returned for a two week visit. Mike became a Reader while part of the Cahors congregation and a member of the Montaigu home group. Mike has not forgotten us, and has provided a number of homilies. On 23rd June he preached the sermon, with his usual insight.

Ray Boyd has been enriching our services with his cornet playing, accompanying our hymns, and his enthusiastic hymn practice before services. After the service he gave a talk on the Salvation Army. I suspect for many of us it conjures up Christmas time in British shopping centers, brightened by their band playing carols and their work with the homeless and alcoholics. Ray showed us a world wide church, helping in far more ways, from providing hospitals to helping find missing family. This was accompanied by music, an integral part of the Salvation Army's worship. We finished with singing the praises of 'the army's cup of tea' and then enjoyed sandwiches; cake and of course a cup of tea. The talk also raised 520€ towards Church funds and our charities.

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