Palm Sunday in Alet-les-Bains. Holy Week Begins

Palm cross with crown of thorns, nail and piece of wood
This week the entire congregation became Simon of Cyrene as each person took home a piece of wood and a nail to remind themselves of Jesus' sacrifice for us all

And so this morning in Alet-Les-Bains we began our Holy Week worship with a Palm Sunday Procession of witness around the Church of St.Andre as we heard again the story of the Passion of Our Lord.

Starting in the Spring Sunshine outside the church, Rev Eileen Webb blessed our Palm Crosses and Linda Billenness read the Palm Sunday Gospel and Collect.

Then we entered the building, pausing at a number of different prayer stations to hear parts of the story, to reflect on it. We then make the story part of our own lives by tasting unleavened bread dipped in grape juice, by washing our hands in symbolic penitence and carrying a piece of wood and a nail to Golgotha.

Holy Week will continue with a Seder Meal, a Good Friday Reflection, an Easter Saturday vigil with the lighting of the new Paschal Candle and a service of celebration and joy on Easter morning.

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