Reverend Clive comes back to Brens!

Sunday 13th October, the congregation at Brens was delighted to formally welcome back our friend, Rev. Clive Jobbins. Clive spent some weeks in our chaplaincy in 2018 as part of his training for ministry. He now returns to us on a flexible basis as a priest and pastor to the congregation in Brens. After the usual formalities, the Bishop's permission for Clive to officiate in our chaplaincy (PTO) was issued for a period of five years.

Rev. Clive receiving his PTO - hand delivered!

Clive is the first to lampoon his own sense of humour (especially in his sermons!) though despite his persistence in this, his caring, generous style and personal warmth have been greatly valued by people from around the chaplaincy. In turn, Clive has found a particular sense of calling to serve with us, in the church in Brens where he will focus his efforts over the coming months.

Clive will be staying at the homes of chaplaincy members during his time with us, and accommodation has kindly been offered up to June 2020. The costs of Clive's ministry and expenses will be met from the Chaplaincy Mission Fund, which has been generously provided by a family from outside our chaplaincy who have a desire to support ministry and growth in the church.

We wish Clive every blessing as his ministry unfolds amongst us. Why not join us in Brens on Sunday as he leads us in Holy Communion?

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