Supporting our Community

Each church within our Chaplaincy has nominated charities which it will regularly support.

In common with several other churches, Alet Les Bains supports the work of Secours Catholique, an organisation founded in 1946 with more than 60,000 staff, paid and unpaid, working all over the world to relieve poverty and bring helpand support to people in the greatest need.

In addition to contributing financially to Secours Catholique for its wider work, in each service we receive offerings of food from our congregation as part of our collection. This is then passed to the local branch of Secours Catholique in Quillan to help them with preparing hot meals for those who are suffering from food poverty.

The photograph shows our latest delivery of collected foodstuffs.

Secours Catholique have asked us to express their gratitude for our continuing support of their work.

If you would like to find out more about the work of Secours Catholique, you can visit their website at

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