The Protestant Ministers Gather

As Anglicans worshipping here in Midi-Pyrenees, we are part of the wider Protestant community in France. We are very honoured that we are invited to attend the regular meetings of the local Protestant Ministers, where matters of common interest can be discussed.

Organisational issues as well as how to work effectively within the secular environment which France State operates were considered at our latest meeting. On a regular basis, our French colleagues encounter English people living in France who might be in need of contact with an English church - be this due to hospitalisation, bereavement or even being put in prison in the area.

Meetings such as these also give us access to massive expertise on how to manage the affairs of a Church under the laws of France and what pitfalls might await the unwary....

Finally, we always share a meal together at the end of the meeting, and so the networking continues over wonderful French cuisine, lubricated with odd glass of wine.

In September, it will be the Anglicans' turn to host this meeting, so we hope that we can achieve the standards which have been used to receiving from our brothers and sisters.

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