Up Popped a Restaurant...

Our Chaplaincy likes to do its fund-raising in innovative ways, and a while ago, our neighbours in the Brens congregation devised something both creative and fun as a way of enjoying fund-raising. Volunteers offer their home to create a 'Pop-Up Restaurant' for one meal only. Guests then come to enjoy a 4 or 5-couse lunch or dinner, complete with wines. At the end of the meal, they make a donation of what they think they would have been willing to pay for a similar meal in a restaurant, and these proceeds go to support the ministry and mission of our Chaplaincy.

And so it was that a distinguished company of diners joined Clive and Linda Billenness at their home in beautiful autumnal sunshine to be served a lunch containing local specialities and a selection of wines (including an aperitif glass of Blanquette de Limoux, of course).

Summer Truffle-flavoured crisps, home-made gazpacho, a Trou Leranais made with an amazing locally-produced liqueur flavoured with Vervaine, aniseed-flavoured Tougnol bread, always a favourite in local markets, and a Cafe Gourmand featuring lemon posset and blueberry tartlets were all included in the menu to tempt our guests' taste buds.

Empty plates suggest that a good time was had by all, and in addition to everyone putting on about half a kilo in weight, the event raised €320 for the Chaplaincy.

With thanks again to Brens for their inspiration, we hope to repeat this event again early in 2020.

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