Your chance to join a welcoming, caring community in Toulouse!

Around the world on Sunday 15th September churches are marking Back to Church Sunday. back to Church Sunday is a day that gives us a two wonderful opportunities.

Firstly It’s an opportunity for those of us who attend church regularly to invite family and friends to a special service which will be especially appropriate for people who have perhaps not been to church for a long time (followed by a shared lunch ) It’s an opportunity to share our faith and the importance of our church family so that others can benefit from it too. Who will you invite to join your church family?

Secondly, It’s also an opportunity for those who haven’t been to church for some time to come and join us. If it’s many years since you last went to church or perhaps even just a few months then September 15th is your opportunity to come and join us for a special visitor-friendly service and a guaranteed warm welcome (of course you can come any time and receive a warm welcome too). Why not come and try us out in Toulouse? There will be no forms to fill in, no judgement, no expectations of you, just a friendly welcome for everyone and a tasty lunch to follow.

If you’d like to know more about what to expect then please feel free to get in touch.

Back to Church Sunday Service in Toulouse takes place on

Sunday 15th September @ 10.30am.

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