The Chaplaincy's Accounts

The Chaplaincy prepares Annual Accounts every year which are subjected to 4 levels of scrutiny:

  1. They are independently examined to ensure that they are accurate and comply with the principles of French Accounting Law and Practice. Because our Chaplaincy is based in France, it is French and not UK rules and regulations which apply. Note: The accounts are not "audited" because this is a specific legal process which is very expensive and is not required by organisations as small as our Chaplaincy at present.

  2. The examined accounts are submitted to an Annual Meeting at which they are approved

  3. These accounts are then submitted to the Diocese of Europe for examination by the Bishop's Officers

  4. They are also submitted to the French Prefecture and placed on public record there (although this can take some time)

You are welcome to download from the links below copies of our accounts dating back to 2014. These accounts have all been approved by the relevant Annual Meetings. These are in .PDF format and you will require a .PDF reader to read them.

Please note that our Chaplaincy does not own any buildings or other fixed property. Nor do we receive any form of financial support or income from the French State. We are entirely sustained by the generosity of our congregations and supporters. We have no paid employees apart from the Chaplain although we do pay for professional services from time to time (e.g. accountants)

Download links:

Click here to download the accounts for 2014 and 2015

Click here to download the accounts for 2016

Click here to download the accounts for 2017

Click here to download the accounts for 2018

Click here to download the accounts for 2019

The accounts for 2020 are currently in preparation and will be published on this page once they have been approved following the Annual Meeting which will take place before the end of October 2021. The draft accounts will be published with other Annual Meeting Papers.

Note: These documents are for information only and can be printed but cannot be edited or the contents copied/pasted