A message from
Area Dean,
Tony Lomas

3rd October 2021

Over the last week Archdeacon Peter and I have participated in a series of meetings for the congregations 

at Brens, Cahors, Caylus, Toulouse and Vayrac.  We have one meeting still in hand, for the Alet-les-Bains congregation, which is scheduled for a little later this month.


The key objective of these meetings has been to give some feedback on the work that has been done to formulate a

strategy for the future shape and ministry of the Chaplaincy.  Peter and I were able to share some reflections on:

-  the financially healthy state that the Chaplaincy is currently in, 

- certain challenges that face us in terms of building a renewed communications structure that serves that real needs of the Chaplaincy, 

- the Ministry Team and how the future pattern of worship might look,

-  the work that has been done to establish a secure and compliant legal structure for the Chaplaincy.


The meetings have been, I believe, both positive and beneficial and have helped to confirm that we are indeed moving in the right direction for the future of our various congregations.  There is still work to be done, but a firm foundation now seems to be in place and, as you will see below from the increasing cycle of Sunday worship, the life of the Chaplaincy is slowly returning to the famous ’new normal’.


God bless,   Tony.